The Power is You, Mobile Filmmaker!

We are pioneers. We began the movement to revolutionize the film and video industry in 2009. We are ready to connect the global community together to empower you. The annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego is ready for a year-round community building platform today and every day. You are the power! Share your stories with video and film. Are you ready to rock? Let’s do this! Hashtag: #MobilizeStories

We want to unite the community in San Diego and connect San Diegans to our global community through a movement that has been taking place for years. But this platform is for everyone around the world with a story and a smartphone. All ages.

With the Hollywood industry beginning to validate the mobile filmmaking industry and mainstream distributors both off and online getting in the game, what is keeping you?

Making movies with smartphones  is making waves on big screens in theaters all over the world. Why would you deny yourself the potential to turn your story into a film with your own smartphone? Whether it is a movie or a promotional video for your brand.

This platform was created to build a community of mobile filmmakers, app developers, instructors, film gear vendors, bloggers, YouTubers or vloggers…everyone is welcome to join and connect, support and promote each other.

“We empower the storyteller inside you through filmmaking with your smartphone.” – S. Botello Productions™

After years of mobilizing people of all ages around the world to use their mobile phones to make films and videos, founder Susy Botello realized the impact of how much the community has grown, and continues to grow. We can all support each other. We support everyone who is making, or desires to make, films and videos with their smartphone. We wish to connect everyone through year-round activities focused on the #mobilizestories movement.

susy phone

We have a good reputation around the world. The International Mobile Film Festival platform was created before mobile filmmaking was a thing, in 2009. We worked and provided a consistent annual international event in San Diego. Every single year since 2012 during the last weekend in April we held an event to screen films shot with only mobile phones on a big screen. IMFF included global participants coming to San Diego. It included workshops, Q&A sessions, a red carpet and awards ceremony and gave everyone an opportunity to network and make friends in the mobile film industry.

We held workshops to teach and inspire people to make films and branding videos in San Diego. Last year, we launched the first podcast of its kind to solely concentrate on giving a voice to the mobile film industry. The podcast has weekly guests who are mostly mobile filmmakers.

Hold on to your seats and get your stories ready because we are about to connect the mobile film industry in this community platform and everyone is invited!

We begin with monthly theme contests.

FilmFreeway MobilizeStories cover

Winners will be a part of our film festival. We will promote you with our well-known brand. We look forward to meet you in person during our presentations and participation in different venues and locations. We invite you to share hashtag #mobilizestories as a part of the community. Use it with all your videos shot with phones, and whatever you do in this industry. If you are not participating but would like to support it, you are also welcome!

Go to our Facebook Community Page and give us a like to begin!


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