Mobilize Your Stories In A New Year 2019


You made it through 2018 and now you are ready for the new year! Welcome to the year of mobile storytelling!

2019 is the year the world understands the power of storytelling with video using their smartphones. No more trying to convince people that you can use your smartphone to create great videos, share stories and send a huge message to an entire planet.

Social Media is the daughter of the internet: the World Wide Web…in case you did not realize what the www in domains mean. Social Media is the perfect platform for all of us to share stories. If you like what we are doing with this article, by publishing on our website–we are sharing via Social Media.

Our first year as #MobilizeStories began this summer. Since then, we have shared the movement in Indiana with IndyShorts International Film Festival by Heartland Film. We brought it to San Diego Comic-Con in July with a crowd of over 200 attendees. We began our monthly themed Smartphone Video Contests.

MobilizeStories IndyShorts

Mobile Filmmaking Seminar at IndyShorts International Film Festival by Heartland Film, Indianapolis, Indiana with IMFF founder Susy Botello: standing front center.


San Diego Comic-Con International during Mobile Filmmaking Panel with film festival founder, Susy Botello: far right lower corner.

We also held several local events where we shared some films, networked, recorded a podcast, shared stories with each other about where the mobile film industry is today and current events, and we mingled socially at a restaurant pub. You can watch the video of our first Connect & Meet Up below:

We are now looking forward to 2019 with you. We will be celebrating the #MobilizeStories movement and community during the 8th annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego. That is a wonderful place to share it due to the fact that it was the community that we began to form back in 2009 when we first launched the film festival which led us to #MobilizeStories and the SBP Podcast.

You’ll want to stay tuned to what is going on with the community and the festival which takes place in San Diego during the last weekend in April. You can stay updated following our social media @MobilizeStories on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or subscribing as a member on our Patreon and becoming a Patron.

Using the hashtag #MobilizeStories on social media is good for everyone. We will share your posts, tweets, projects, etc. and others in the community will know you are part of the movement and the community. It will help you network with others like you and help us support you.

We will update you soon after the new year rings in about the next Connect and Meet Up Mobile Filmmaking event in San Diego and the January themed Smartphone Video Contest.

In the meantime, we hope you are able to take a break and enjoy the Holidays. Stay awesome!


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