MobilizeStories Presents IMFF Speakers

Stories! is the theme for the 2019 8th Annual International Mobile Film Festival April 27-28 in San Diego. Celebrating its 10 year anniversary since launching in 2009, IMFF 2019 is focusing on what motivated and inspired the launch of this exclusive and unique global film festival.

IMFF 2019 fest dates

“Stories connect people.” Said founder Susy Botello of S. Botello Productions™. “Film is the best format for storytelling. Film is a combination of art and science which includes not only what we see and hear without much effort, but also what we feel and comprehend.”

The festival has garnered a global community over the years of not just filmmakers but also other festivals which promoted mobile phones in their festivals and platforms. S. Botello Productions™, SBP, has created a number of programs focused on film and video storytelling with smartphones over the years. The two latest programs are the SBP Podcast Mobile Filmmaking and the hashtag MobilizeStories community network. The MobilizeStories hashtag program was launched in June 2018.

MobilizeStories has a monthly themed online smartphone video contest. It also presents mobile filmmaking in other venues and hosts local community events and is partnering with organizations to hold events bridging mobile filmmaking within communities offering opportunities to compete in the contests and participate in the annual film festival in San Diego.

MobilizeStories is presenting two Special Guest Speakers at the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego this year.

MobilizeStories Presents IMFF2019 Speakers.png

John Woosley, of Kansas City, Missouri will present how to make a film using smartphones through the entire process from story idea through post-production. John’s film, Alex and the Firefly will have a special screening during the festival.

CK Goldiing, of Sheffield in London, United Kingdom will share his inspiring and touching film, 61 Hugs. His presentation focused on storytelling comes straight through the heart. His film has acquired many reviews from viewers and the media.

The film festival will screen 29 short films and 2 feature films all shot with smartphones. The festival includes Q & A sessions, a Q&A Panel with all attending filmmakers, workshops, a community stories session, guest speakers including one of the winners of the Global Mobile Film Awards™ Matteo Tibiletti, Best Experimental Film 2018 coming from Italy, and other fun and exciting moments.

Best Experimental Matteo Tibiletti GMFA 2018

Tickets will soon go on sale for the two day event which is slated to begin around 10am and go into the evening. The venue is in a beautiful marina which holds many photo opportunities for filmmakers and attendees. There are several restaurants including one next door overlooking the marina with a tasty menu of fish, burgers, sandwiches, etc. The restaurant serves breakfast as well. There is a free parking lot at the venue.

Sponsors for IMFF 2019 are Red Giant Software, Swords & Circuitry Studios and Uncharted Regions, FilmConvert, BlackBox Global, Grip & Shoot and Indiana Filmmakers Network, Inc.

Follow IMFF social media for updates and announcements and the Facebook Event page.

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