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A series of contests by the annual International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego, which launched in 2009 take place throughout the year. #MobilizeStories contests’ goal is to inspire and grow the mobile filmmaking community.

This online contest may bring awarded contest winners’ stories to the annual event in San Diego if they *qualify and are selected. Selected films may or not be chosen to screen in other events we organize. Filmmakers will be notified.

*IMFF Rules apply to films competing in IMFF. Winners get a free submission to the Short Film Competition to the International Mobile Film Festival in San Diego.

Join the movement to mobilize your stories using smartphones to share your stories as films and videos. Each month we will hold a new contest with a new theme. Use Hashtag #MobilizeStories to connect to our community around the world! Share that you are an official storyteller with everyone.

Awards & Terms

All contests will include laurels, *free submission to IMFF short film competition with a qualifying film shot with only smartphones. You can submit the film that won or another film as long as it qualifies per Rules on International Mobile Film Festival for the year it is submitted. Every winner will receive a code for free submission to the film festival in San Diego. Winning films may or may not be *considered to be featured in other events organized by us, the IMFF annual film festival event venue in San Diego, and more.

All winners’ names will be listed on the website and shared on our social media with shout-outs. Winning films/videos will also be included in the MobilizeStories playlist on our YouTube Channel with over 16,000 subscribers, to give winners extra publicity. The films will be shared from your own YouTube Channel. Some winners may be asked to be a guest on the SBP Podcast: The Voice Of Mobile Film™.filmfreeway-logo-hires-blue-606b5f0f80f5b294d20f16d95ecb6e7c

CONTEST Deadline January 20, 2020

Each contest has a new theme. All films must be shot with smartphones, edited wherever, audio can be recorded externally. More detailed rules are on the submission platform on FilmFreeway.

Smartphone Video Contest - Movie Trailer

Movie Trailer – Make a Movie Trailer without using a video template in the editor such as in iMovie. Edit your best movie trailer. It can be a fictionalized film which you have not made or plan to make. It can be a movie you plan to make or have made whether you used your phone or not. As long as the trailer was shot fallen with a smartphone, it qualifies. Must be between 1 and 3 minutes length. Extra points for cinematic visual and sound trailers. Submit on Film Freeway by the deadline at Midnight (PST).

Shoot everything with your smartphone camera and edit wherever you like. This contest ends January 20, 2020 at midnight (PST). If you use someone’s anything get their permission before submitting your film. Includes parental permission for minor children, music licensing, brands, etc. **Read the rules.

Submissions Open November 1, 2019 and end January 20,2020

Notification of Official Selections will take place February 20, 2020

Winners will be Notified March 20, 2020

All videos/films must be shot with a smartphone. You are responsible for reading all the rules before submission. There are no refunds. Rules are also posted in the Terms and Rules section on FilmFreeway.


  • Films must be shot with smartphones and be between 1-5 minutes long.
  • All ages welcome.
  • Horizontal/Landscape format.
  • No copyright infringement on audio, music, images, brands, etc. *Submitted films must have a YouTube account with the film submitted in your own YouTube account in order to be considered for extra publicity on our YouTube Channel‘s Playlist. You must also allow embedding on your settings so that we can feature it on our website and blog section.
  • Each contest theme will be announced.
  • You may submit more than one film per month but only one film will be chosen to be awarded. More than one film may be selected to compete.
  • Films that are not for all ages will need to add a notice to your film’s description and it shall remain in order for us to include it on our playlist on our YouTube Channel.
  • Videos shall NOT be offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, etc. We think you get the point.
  • No nudity.
  • No refunds.
  • *Films selected to compete may be shared on our YouTube but they are not guaranteed. Not all films submitted may be selected to compete. Submitted films not selected to compete will not be added to YouTube.
  • If your films are selected to be included in our events, we will ask you for permission and we may need you to allow us to download your film. Your film will also be credited during the event and the filmmaker will receive a mention.
  • Please respond to your emails from us. If we cannot connect with you via email in a timely manner your submission or award may be disqualified.

Simply put, your videos shot with smartphones will most likely be accepted unless you are breaking the rules. Keep it real.


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